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General SurgerySurgical Staff

Surgical procedures in our hospital are performed under strict sterility standards. These include sterile patient preparation as well as sterile instruments and the use of caps, masks, gloves, and gowns. All patients undergoing surgical procedures are offered pre-anesthetic blood screening, and all receive a pre-operative ECG screening prior to anesthesia. We constantly monitor the patient’s heart rate, blood pressure, respiratory rate, and use pulse oximetry, and patients are given intravenous fluids during their procedure. Surgical patients are given pain medication before, during, and after each procedure for the comfort of the pet.

Laser TherapyCompanion Laser Therapy

We offer the most cutting edge laser therapy that can ease the discomfort of  chronic pain conditions such as arthritis, back injuries, sprains, and strains. It is also an essential part of our wound healing process.

Radiologyradiology equipment

We utilize the latest digital radiograph technology in our hospital. This allows us to perform both routine and specialized X-ray studies as required. We also have access to board certified veterinary radiologists that can provide specialized, expert interpretation.

Ultrasound/Telemedicineultrasound eqquipment

Our practice uses the most up to date digital ultrasound equipment available. This is a great, non-invasive, diagnostic tool. We can also use ultrasound to determine pregnancy in both dogs and cats. We offer abdominal ultrasound as well as echocardiograms to evaluate the heart.  We use Idexx and Vet's Choice telemedicine services to obtain recommendations from leading veterinary specialists.

Dental cleanings/extractionsDental XRay

We offer the most cutting edge technology in Dothan.  We utilize digital, intra-oral radiographs as part of our routine dental cleanings to determine if the structures under the gumline are healthy.  Our veterinary team is highly educated and skilled in veterinary dentistry.

On-site laboratoryLaboratory Equipment

Speedy laboratory results are essential for treating critical care cases and our on-site hematology and chemistry lab equipment provides quick results. Pre-Anesthetic blood testing is an important part of our pre-surgical workup, and on-site results allow us to immediately assess your pet’s state of internal health, assuring us that they will be a good candidate for surgery.


Our on-site pharmacy not only stocks the drugs and medications required to treat your pet’s illness, but also a full range of heartworm, flea and tick prevention products. We also carry vitamins, minerals, nutritional supplements and prescription diets. Any pharmaceuticals that we do not have in stock can usually be ordered for next day delivery.

Preventive health care   

heartgard          Nexgard

We recommend annual physical exams along with blood profiles to help assure that our patients remain healthy. In the event that we detect abnormalities, it allows us to start corrective treatment early in the process.  The medical needs of pets change dramatically as they become senior citizens and our senior wellness program adds “years to their life and life to their years.”



We recommend and follow the latest vaccine guidelines for pets as published by the American Animal Hospital Association. We routinely use extended length vaccines and vaccinations are placed at strategic intervals to provide the best possible coverage with minimal side effects.  We use the safest vaccinations available on the market today. 

Nutrition counseling

prescription diets

prescription diets

A complete range of medical and therapeutic diets are available, along with a knowledgeable staff to help you select the best possible food for your healthy or medically challenged pet.  We specifically carry Hills, Purina, and Royal Canin Veterinary Diets

In-Hospital Monitoring and Care

When your pet requires hospitalization, our professional staff and a modern, well-equipped facility provide your pet with the highest standards of care.